My events coverage is fast, professional and reliable. My goal is to capture the mood and emotions of your event using a photo-journalistic style. My basic hourly rate is £25/hour plus an hour for processing with same day service in most cases. A custom website can be added for an additional fee of £25 a month for hosting. That can include customised printing service that is useful for fundraising. A full day’s coverage of 8 hours is £200 plus £30 for processing. Includes a standard license for personal use. Please enquire for details.

Performance Coverage

My standard rate is £40 an hour plus travel expenses (for outside of Edinburgh) which includes processing. Licensing for web use is included in this price. High res files begin at £19 each for print and general use and reduce to £15 per file if you buy more than 5. Please arrange a press pass in advance as it is often difficult to gain entry or access on the day of the performance without one. If flash is required, please make sure it is permitted by the venue.


Studio sessions are charged by the hour at £100 which includes venue hire and all lighting. High res files license begins at £19 per file for print and general use and reduce to £15 per file if you buy more than 5. There is a higher license rate for use in national campaigns, please call for details. I also offer bespoke print packages fulfilled by SmugMug. This rate does not include a stylist. We can recommend one if you need one.